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SUBWEX - Subcritical water as a green solvent for extraction of plants

SUBWEX (Subcritical water as a green solvent for extraction of plants) is an ERA-NET CORNET project that was funded by national agencies members of the CORNET Network 2012-2015. The project aimed at developing an integrated process chain to produce high-added-value additives for the food, nutraceuticals and cosmetics sectors and at the same time feedstock for the paper industry. The SUBWEX concept intelligently combines the value added reuse of agricultural by-products, the eco-friendly extraction of new and “green” valuable bioactive substances, and the supply of solids to replace costly fibre raw materials. It thus meets the demands of a variety of sectors in a synergistic approach. Subcritical water extraction (SWE) is at the core of the development. The aim of this project was to investigate and demonstrate the soundness of this concept, i.e. integrating a green extraction process of high-added-value chemicals from agrifood by-products in a pre-existing value chain, papermaking, where an already available high-intensity energy source and the possibility to valorise solid residues can make the process environmentally and economically sustainable.

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